we are Competing for the Visitor of the Future

San Antonio hosts more than 32.5 million visitors annually.

The tourism and hospitality industry generates $13.4 billion annually for the local economy, making it one of the city’s top 5 industries. The San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau now has the opportunity to move from a city department to a more nimble public-private nonprofit model. This move  has already been made by our largest competitors and will make us stronger at doing what we do best – bringing visitors to San Antonio. The organization can improve its speed and efficiency and still have transparency and accountability with a new structure.

Read the Facts

this is a smart business move

  • This new structure will allow the organization to become more nimble in competing for travel business, take advantage of new opportunities and be more responsive to market conditions.
  • A nonprofit structure affords opportunities to seek alternative funding sources so revenue derived from the Hotel Occupancy Tax is not the sole source.
  • When compared to the top 50 destination management organizations across the country, San Antonio is the ONLY one still operating under the municipal government.
  • As a city department, the marketing budget for tourism has grown less than 10 percent in the last five years, while competitors that are public-private entities — like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Diego — had budget increases ranging from 38 to 114 percent.
  • The public-private model for marketing destinations is the model of the future.

This is Good for the Community and the Local Economy

Competitive Set CVB Budget Growth Comparison

  • Operating as a public-private nonprofit, we can partner with hotels, theme parks, museums and attractions on multiple levels. The same “quality of life” attractions that we enjoy in San Antonio – like the new Tobin Center and the restaurants and shops at the Pearl Brewery -- are equally attractive to tourists, who contribute to the local economy when they stay here.
  • Travel contributes more than $183 million in taxes and fees to the city and more than $348 million to combined local governments. The dollars spent by visitors to the city contribute significantly to the health of our local economy.
  • The new organization would be accountable to the city government for spending the Hotel Occupancy Tax and would report metrics and performance results.
  • The new structure calls for a board of directors to include representatives from city staff, the Mayor’s office, City Council, city staff and the business community.
  • One in 8 San Antonio citizens work in travel. That’s 122,000 people whose livelihoods depend on a thriving travel and hospitality industry.

We Should Make This Change Now

A World Heritage site

The effects of the World Heritage Site designation and the city’s upcoming Tricentennial celebration are the perfect backdrop to market the destination to new types of visitors as well as amplify the pride of the community.

Community Support

The tourism and hospitality community supports this change. The business community supports this change. A Task Force appointed by Mayor Ivy Taylor unanimously recommended this model for marketing San Antonio to future visitors.

Time for the Future

Now is the time for us to market to the visitor of the future with a new structure for the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau as a public-private nonprofit organization.

Letters of Support from Local Businesses

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